Global International Waters Assessment: Yellow Sea, GIWA Regional Assessment 34

United Nations Environment Programme, GEF, University of Kalmar, Sweden (2005)

This report presents the results of the GIWA assessment of the Yellow Sea region and the adjacent Bohai Sea sub-system. The Yellow sea is a semi-enclosed water body bordering the Chinese mainland to the west and the Korean Peninsula to the east. Results from the assessment of the Bohai sub-system, which is entirely located within China and therefore not considered transboundary, is also presented. Freshwater shortage, habitat and community modification and unsustainable exploitation of fish and other living resources were assessed to be the priority concerns in both sub-systems. The past and present status and future prospects are discussed, and the transboundary issues are traced back to their root causes. Increased population growth and mass migration to urban areas is a major root cause in this region. Policy options have been recommended to mitigate environmental and socio-economic impacts and to secure the region's future prosperity.

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