The Marshes-Shatt al-Arab- Gulf System - Status Report - Volume 1

Marine Science Centre –University of Basra ; Ministry of Environment (Iraq) (2011)

The general aim of this document is to summarize the ecological status of the marshes-Shatt al-Arab-the Gulf System from the period prior to 2011. Special attention was given to the responses of the system after the re-flooding of the marshes. The main objectives of the report to:1)Carry out the preliminary scientific desk study on the influence of the Shatt Al-Arab and the Iraqi Marshes on the hydrodynamic, water quality and the biological productivity of the northern Gulf in order to assess functions of the Marshes in the regional ecosystem. 2)Identify data and information gaps to understand the long-term scenario of potential impacts of the Marshes degradation on the Gulf marine environment. 3) Network with regional experts for further regional research programme on the Tigris-Euphrates freshwater system and the Gulf marine environment.

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