Asian Development Bank Sustainability Report

Asian Development Bank (2011)

The third Sustainability Report of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides, in a readily available format, information about our continued work on promoting environmentally sustainable and inclusive growth, and on reducing our corporate footprint. To facilitate comparability, the structure of this third reports is similar to that of the first two, which were issued in 2007 and 2009. The contents are presented in three main sections: Part 1 provides the background of the organization

- its mandate and structures in line with Strategy 2020, ADB's long-term strategic framework. Part 2 features ADB's work on important aspects of sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific, including the environment, social development and governance. Part 3 provides updates on ADB's work to reduce its corporate footprint. The report responds to and presents information in accordance to the Global Reporting Initiative's G3 indicators. The appendix links the G3 indicators with the text of the report and other pertinent sources.

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