Report on the state of the environment of Mongolia (2008-2010)

Ministry of Nature Environment and Tourism - Mongolia (2011)

The Government of Mongolia developed and published the “Report on State of the Environment of Mongolia” for public access from the results of research into the state of the environment in last three years. In the last three years many positive and negative changes have been made in the environmental field in Mongolia. The public, civil society organisations, and governmental organisations have started to focus more attention on environmental issues and have started to do more comprehensive activities in this sector and participation and cooperation with each other has increased.The Report of State of the Environment for 2008 to 2010 states that there are increasingly negative impacts on the environment, for example: air pollution rates are increasing in the capital and other big cities

desertification is increasing across Mongolia

rehabilitation work on land damaged by mining activities are insufficient

the forest reserve area is decreasing

water reserve management is insufficient

water pollution is increasing in some areas

and illegal use of biodiversity is not decreasing. To decelerate the negative changes in the state of the environment there is a need to improve implementation of the legal framework and economy consistent with Mongolia’s ecology. The primary mid-term strategies of the Government are the protection of native characteristics, economic leverage for environmental protection, and expenditure on rehabilitation work based on ecological and economic assessments. I verify that the data and information contained in this report on current issues are the results of real research into the current situation. It draws on the work of international and nongovernmental organisations, trainings, reports of research institutions, presentations, and published information sets with scientific evidence.

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