Status of the Environment in the Republic of Palau

Palau Conservation Society (2004)

Palau is blessed with a wealth of natural resources. We enjoy clean air, clean water, abundant marine life, and healthy, productive reefs. Our stunning Rock Islands and majestic dive sites continue to draw admiration from around the world. But Palau’s wealth is not just found in its natural resources. Palau has also been blessed with a wealth of human resources and technical capabilities. The population of Palau is well educated and highly talented, and makes use of the most advanced computer and development techniques on a daily basis. Weaving these sources of natural and human wealth together is perhaps the most important resource of all: our traditions. Palauans maintain strong cultural ties to their land, their waters, and their history, and with these ties we strive to preserve and conserve all of our precious resources. This is not to say that Palau does not have its problems and pressures. Development pressure is strong and driven largely by economic motives. Balancing the benefits of development with the dangers of exploitation continues to be a challenge, but a challenge that Palauans are meeting head on.

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