Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Cargo village - Cabo Verde

BCEOM Société Française d’Ingénierie (2008)

This Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) concerns the whole Port of Praia Expansion and Modernization Project but focuses on three project items which are going to be implemented as a first step: the Cargo Village, the Connecting Road and the Rehabilitation of the Quay n°2 Complex. The breakwater, the extension of the quay n°1 and the reclaimed container yard will be launched separately, as a second step. This document consists of the following sections: A. A description of the institutional and legal framework. B. A description of the local environment. C. A description of the port project. D. A comparison of the various project alternatives with regard to their environmental impacts. E. An identification and an assessment of all environmental impacts. F. An identification of mitigation & compensation measures and a monitoring programme. G. The Environmental Management Plan.

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