The 5th National Report of Mongolia - Convention on Biological Diversity

Ministry of Environment and Green Development - Mongolia (2014)

Conserving our natural world, which forms the basis for human health, well-being and development, is the responsibility of every individual, organisation and nation on the planet. The Convention on Biological Diversity, which aims to facilitate this, was opened for signature at the United Nations conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, many countries have since joined the convention and are cooperating in numerous ways to conserve the world’s biodiversity. Mongolia became a signatory in 1993,and subsequently the Mongolian Government introduced the National Biodiversity Action Plan in 1996.To appreciate biodiversity one needs to have an understanding beyond species level, to be able to see the natural world in a broader context which involves genetic diversity, habitats, invasive species, environmental factors and natural dynamics and systems. In the frame of the National Biodiversity Action Plan, Mongolia has been taking measures and implementing various activities to study and conserve biodiversity and to ensure the sustainable use of it for human well-being. Mongolia’s 5th National Report follows the structure outlined by the guidelines of the CBD secretariat. The main body of information for the report comes from: written contributions from Mongolian taxonomic experts in the given fields in part one of the report Mongolia’s current NBAP written contributions and reports from Mongolian government ministries written contributions from NGOs and NFP organisations conducting work in fields of biodiversity conservation and development in Mongolia.

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