Trinidad and Tobago: State of the Environment Report 2000

Trinidad and Tobago, Environmental Management Authority (2000)

This Report provides an analysis and status of air pollution in Trinidad and Tobago because of the critical importance of air quality in the sustainable management of the environment and human health. Trinidad and Tobago is the most industrialized country in the Commonwealth Caribbean region and suffers the attendant environmental problems associated with the production of oil, natural gas and petrochemicals in addition to rum, soap, paint and wood products. It is not surprising therefore to find a situation in which industrial pollution particularly from oil, gas and the downstream petrochemical industry is a critical environmental issue. Furthermore the fact that Trinidad & Tobago has the highest motorization (vehicles per capita) level in Latin America and the Caribbean results in the transportation sector having a significant impact on air quality. Trinidad and Tobago therefore needs to address the environmental implications of the energy and transport sectors.

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