Carbon, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services: Exploring Co-benefits Cambodia

United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (United Nations Environment Programme-WCMC) (2010)

The benefits of actions to maintain and enhance carbon stocks for climate change mitigation can be increased by taking into account the distribution not only of carbon, but of other ecosystem services, such as biodiversity. Here, we map the distribution of carbon stocks in relation to that of biodiversity in Cambodia. Other relevant factors, such as protected area distribution and land management units are also related to carbon and biodiversity distributions. A new map of carbon in Cambodia’s ecosystems has been produced for this analysis. This report presents results from an initial effort to produce such analyses for Cambodia. It includes new data on the distribution of terrestrial carbon stocks in Cambodia and analyses of its relation to areas of importance for biodiversity, Protected Areas and other land management units, and pressures (such as forest cover loss). It is expected that the study will be developed further in collaboration with other institutes and stakeholders.

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