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Achieving the Millennium Development Goals with Equality in Latin America and the Caribbean: Progress and Challenges

dc.contributor.authorUnited Nations
dc.coverage.spatialLatin America and the Caribbean
dc.descriptionThis summary sets out the main findings of a review of the countries’ progress towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals contained in the 2010 inter-agency regional report on the Goals in Latin America and the Caribbean. The main policy messages, analyses and conclusions included in the report, which was coordinated by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, are the outcome of a joint effort by specialized agencies, programmes and funds of the United Nations operating in the region.
dc.subjectMillenium Development Goals
dc.subjectenvironmental assessment
dc.subjectnatural resource
dc.subjectnatural resource conservation
dc.subjectsustainable development
dc.subjectland management and planning
dc.subjectland development
dc.subjectland pollution
dc.subjectland use
dc.subjectland conservation
dc.subjectmanagement of natural resources
dc.subjectcoast protection
dc.subjectcoastal area
dc.subjectcoastal ecosystem
dc.subjectcoastal environment
dc.subjectcoastal pollution
dc.subjectcoastal water
dc.subjectmarine conservation area
dc.subjectmarine ecosystem
dc.subjectmarine fauna
dc.subjectmarine pollution
dc.subjectland-based marine pollution
dc.subjectsea resource
dc.subjectsea water protection
dc.subjectenvironmental management
dc.subjectwaste analysis
dc.subjectwaste collection
dc.subjectwaste treatment
dc.subjectwaste disposal
dc.subjectwaste dumping
dc.subjectwaste legislation
dc.subjectwaste management
dc.subjectwaste prevention
dc.subjectwaste recycling
dc.subject.classificationClimate Change
dc.subject.classificationEnvironment Under Review
dc.subject.classificationEnvironmental Governance
dc.subject.classificationResource Efficency
dc.titleAchieving the Millennium Development Goals with Equality in Latin America and the Caribbean: Progress and Challenges
dc.typeReports and Books
wd.identifier.sdgSDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities
wd.identifier.sdgSDG 8 - Good Jobs and Economic Growth

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