Sudan: Post-conflict Environmental Assessment

United Nations Environment Programme (2007)

The goal of the UNEP post-conflict environmental assessment for Sudan was to develop a solid technical basis for medium-term (1-5 years) corrective action in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. This goal was expanded into five objectives: 1. Provide neutral and objective information on the most critical environmental problems facing the country, and on the potential risks to human health, livelihoods and ecosystem services; 2. Recommend strategic priorities for sustainable resource management and identify the actors, timelines and costs necessary for implementation; 3. Facilitate the development of national environmental policy and strengthen the capacity for national environmental governance; 4. Raise awareness and catalyse financial support for environmental projects by national authorities, UN actors, NGOs and donors; and 5. Integrate environmental issues into the recovery and reconstruction process. This report aims to present the post-conflict environmental issues for Sudan in a single concise document accessible to a wide audience of non-experts.

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