Global Environment Outlook - GEO for Youth: Asia and the Pacific

United Nations Environment Programme (2019)

This publication aims to reach out to young people in Asia and the Pacific – tertiary students, young adults and early career professionals. It is intended to enhance their knowledge of three primary subjects – the natural environment, human health and the built environment – to promote a better understanding of the region’s emerging environmental issues, their causes and effects. Chapter 1 elaborates the context of the Asia-Pacific region and the crucial role of youth in addressing regional environmental challenges. • Chapter 2 presents the benefits derived from nature and demonstrates the critical role of healthy ecosystems in contributing to human survival and well-being. • Chapter 3 explores emerging issues of air and water pollution, food security and the effects of mismanaged waste on human well-being. This chapter advocates a balance between environmental wellbeing and economic development. • Chapter 4 addresses the natural and built environments, outlining options for a resilient and sustainable future. • Chapter 5 concludes the report by highlighting youth action for a better future, including a specific survey conducted for this report of youth, for youth and by youth.

Global environment outlook (GEO)

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