Climate Change: Children's Views of a Global Environmental Threat - Exhibition Catalogue: 16th International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment 2006/2007

United Nations Environment Programme (2007)

How do children view the consequences of climate change? The message that emerged from their paintings is loud and clear: children view climate change as a threat to our planet and one that human beings must confront head on. That is the message that was depicted in a drastic, compelling and sometimes humorous way by the 13,450 paintings submitted by children from more than 104 countries. A collection of the very best paintings has been reproduced in this catalogue. The overall winners and the winners from the various regions of the world were formally honoured by UNEP, FGPE, Bayer and Nikon, as well as by representatives of the Norwegian government, at events in Tromsø, Norway from 2 to 7 June to mark World Environment Day 2007.

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