GEO for Youth in Latin America and the Caribbean: Open your Eyes to the Environment

United Nations Environment Programme (2001)

This is a report on the state of the environment in the region, in addition to being a real source of inspiration for people and institutions to contribute to the safeguarding of the environment. The young authors offer a fresh and up-to-date view of environment problems plaguing Latin America and the Caribbean, using facts and figures; examples, projects and activities; poems, drawings and photographs; in short, they bring ideas and enthusiasm which will undoubtedly inspire readers to answer their call to build a strong front against the deterioration of our environment. The book is divided into three parts. The first part deals with eight themes of fundamental importance for the environment and makes suggestions that help to form an integrated, rather than piecemeal, idea of the state of the environment in the region. The second part gives numerous examples, opinions and testimonies from young individuals who, in one way or another, have participated actively in defending the environment. The third part provides an outlook for the future providing three possible scenarios for the next 25 years: an optimistic future, a pessimistic future, and a future if present trends continue. These represent a warning so that all of us, young and old, men and women, may participate in taking care of our environment.

Global environment outlook (GEO)

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