Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Roadmap: A Journey Towards a Sustainable Finance System - Executive Summary

United Nations Environment Programme ; Luxembourg (2018)

Sustainable finance as a new paradigm considers environmental, social and governance issues that traditionally have not been included in financial and economic parameters. The new inter- national consensus is that making profits is compatible with sustainable growth of our econ- omies, an inclusive society and the protection of our ecosystem. In the context of challenges such as climate change, there is also an appreciation that change is urgently needed. By leveraging its strengths as an international financial centre, Luxembourg can make an outsize impact on the development of sustainable finance worldwide. Thanks to its specific culture and areas of expertise, Luxembourg can be a frontrunner in pushing for the most advanced solutions, experimenting and implementing new approaches to ensure that sustain- able finance products are easy to access, expertly managed, serving a purpose and credible. This Roadmap sets out the steps needed to achieve this goal.

Briefs, Summaries, Policies and Strategies