Africa Environment Outlook 2: Our Environment, Our Wealth - Executive Summary

United Nations Environment Programme (2006)

The dawn of the 21st century stands out as the beginning of a renaissance for Africa – politically, economically and environmentally. The formation of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, NEPAD, marked a turning point and a renewed commitment to adopting policies and systems that allow Africa to prosper. Africa’s environmental resources are an important part of this vision, for they hold vast potential for development and improving human well-being. However, for these options to remain available it is imperative that Africa acts to protect its environmental resources. This is particularly important given that Africa relies directly on natural resources to generate revenue and meet livelihood needs – any complacency in this regard comes with economic and human costs. By taking firm action to protect environmental goods- and-services and to seize the opportunities afforded by changes in the global economy it is possible for the 21st century to be Africa’s century – of prosperity, durable peace and sustainable development. The Africa Environment Outlook 2 – Our Environment, Our Wealth (AEO-2) is an integrated and participatory environmental assessment, which examines the state of existing resources and highlights the opportunities and potential (current and future) of these to achieve sustainable development, eradicate poverty and reduce vulnerability, and enhance environmental sustainability.

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