GEO Matters April-May 2020

United Nations Environment Programme (2020)

Stemming from the fourth United Nations Environmental Assembly Resolution 23, the Global Assessments Synthesis Report has been developed in response to requests for a science-policy input to allow for better understanding of the recent global scientific assessments. The development of the report began by convening the leading scientific experts to analyze and synthesize the findings from the latest global scientific assessments to fully articulate the key findings of these assessments. The resulting teams include an elite group of authors led by Ivar Baste of the Norwegian Environment Agency and a world-renowned Scientific Advisory Group led by Sir Robert Watson. UNEP has gathered global leaders for both the authors team to write the report and the Scientific Advisory Group to ensure sound methods when creating the report and conducting the scientific review. These teams will produce a report that analyzes and synthesizes the key findings of the latest global scientific assessments to speak to decision makers on the global dire circumstances and necessity of immediate action for nature.

Global environment outlook (GEO)