Faith for Earth Updates - August 30, 2020

United Nations Environment Programme (2020-08-30)

On Thursday 27 August, around 128 faith leaders, representing 12 religions, 131 organizations from 37 countries and included interfaith practitioners, scientists and scholars have joined us in a discovery session to discuss the United Nations Environment Programme’s 2021-2025 mid-term strategy. The participants were divided into 10 groups and discussed three important questions: 1) What changes do you see necessary to enable transformational shifts towards more sustainable outcomes?, 2) What would you expect from an organization like UNEP to contribute to that shift? and 3) How could your organization work with UNEP to contribute to that shift? Other contributions were made in writing and were submitted to the strategy team of UNEP. A short report of the findings and recommendations of this discovery session will be shared shortly with all. Thank you for all your pouring support and blessings. Those are our renewable source of energy to continue serving you to the best of our ability.