IUCN Directory of Protected Areas in Oceania

International Union for Conservation ot Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) (1990)

The islands of the Pacific conjure up visions of warmth, beauty and colour set in a vast ocean ... a paradise captured in words by James Michener and Oscar Hammerstein. This image perhaps accounts for the fact that, for too long, Oceania has been a backwater in the world's conservation priorities. It has considerable conservation needs, but lacks the large animal species which capture public imagination and funding support. Oceania is blessed with great diversity but saddled with the vulnerability of small islands and the limited resources of micro nations, while many of its people seek a consumer-oriented lifestyle. Fortunately, in-country government andNGO efforts, backed by regional initiatives and growing international support, are tackling the particular problems which beset conservation in this vast region of scattered islands. The publication of this lUCN Directory of Protected Areas in Oceania is a positive step in building up public awareness in the Pacific nations and territories, in the Oceania region and in the world at large.

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