Impacts of Climate Change on Wildlife

United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (United Nations Environment Programme-WCMC) (2001)

The impacts of "human-induced" climate change are now being observed in every aspect of life, and it is the most significant and far-reaching current environmental threat. In the last few decades, natural scientists and nature conservationists have been observing marked changes in the condition and distribution of wildlife on a global scale. These changes are occurring at rates that are higher than expected for a species, habitat or ecosystem, and such observations are providing real, clear evidence that climate change is already having a devastating impact on our environment. This book introduces a series of case-studies highlighting the observed current changes in a number of species and habitats, ranging from the tropics through to the polar regions, and in some cases predictions for future impacts. It brings together a collective knowledge from many experts throughout the world, and is a final output of 'The Norwich Conference' which took place at the University of East Anglia, England in 1999, when many of the world's leading research scientists in this field came together for the first time.

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