Grenada - National Report for Third International Conference

Melissa Felician and Lynette Joseph?Brown (2012)

Twenty years after the BPOA, the third International Conference on the SustainableDevelopment of SIDS will once again bring to fore the vulnerabilities anddevelopment needs of SIDS, with a view to identifying solutions and committingresources for the implementation of these solutions. Preparations for this Conferenceinclude national stakeholder consultations, which will feed into regional meetings followed by an inter?regional preparatory meeting scheduled for late August, andthen into the global decisions. The regional preparatory meeting for the Caribbeansubregion will be held in Jamaica, July 2?3, 2013. In preparation for the Regional Meeting in Jamaica, the government of Grenada incollaboration with the United Nations System hosted a national consultation on June21 2013. The consultation, suitably themed The Future We Want, attractedrepresentation from government, private sector and civil society, and encourageddiscussions aligned with the principles of sustainable development. Mostimportantly it offered an opportunity for the voice of Grenadians to be heard onthese issues.This report presents an analysis of the findings from this consultative process. Therest of the document seeks to address the following four objectives of the UnitedNations General Assembly, specifically: Assess the progress to date and the remaining gaps in the implementation;Affirm a renewed political commitment

Identify new and emerging challenges and opportunities for the sustainabledevelopment of SIDS and means of addressing them

andIdentify priorities for the sustainable development of SIDS to be consideredin the elaboration of the post?2015 UN development agenda.

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