Cambodia Environmental Outlook

United Nations Environment Programme ; Cambodia (2009)

The process of developing Cambodia Environment Outlook was a great cooperation between the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Assessment Programme and the Kingdom of Cambodia. The population growth and increasing demands have exerted pressure on the natural resources and in regard to this, Cambodia has been facing some developmental and environmental challenges. This project aims at building capacity for integrated environmental assessment to foster scientific-based policy formulation and to support sustainable development in the country under the guidance of the Ministry of Environment. The ultimate goal is to update an environmental database consisting of available data on environmental conditions, trends and their significance, status of ecosystems, the effect of human activities and the implication. Cambodia Environmental Outlook is developed on reliable data/information collected from key stakeholders of both state and non-state institutions. The report highlights five major concerns in Cambodia: Land Degradation, Depletion of Biodiversity, Degradation of Inland Aquatic Resources, Coastal and Marine Resources Management, and Waste Management, which have been prioritized and analyzed by various experts including government officials, scientists, academics and civil society representatives to determine their policymaking implications. This publication is an attempt to present an overall picture of the progress made in reaching the goals of sustainable and environmental health.

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