Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Desertification Synthesis

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Board (2005)

This report integrates findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessments related to current state and future trends of desertification and its impacts on ecosystems and human well-being and is organized around a set of key information needs identified by the Convention to Combat Desertification since it contributes significantly to climate change and biodiversity loss. This report is aimed at showing how desertification is related to ecosystem services and human well-being and how it manifests itself and who is affected by desertification- its geographical extent and consequences of desertification beyond drylands. The major causes of desertification such as land use patterns and practices, social, economic and policy factors are discussed including how desertification can be prevented or reversed. This report further brings out linkages between desertification, global climate change and biodiversity loss, and how different future development paths will affect desertification.

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