Global International Waters Assessment: Faroe Plateau, GIWA Regional Assessment 13

United Nations Environment Programme, GEF, University of Kalmar, Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA) (2012)

The Faroe Islands are situated on a shelf in the North Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by a number of important ?shing grounds. The climate is strongly a?ected by the North Atlantic Current and frequent passage of cyclones. For a subarctic region, the Faroes enjoy fairly high winter temperature, seldom remaining below zero for any prolonged length of time. All islands are small with very small rivers, and only the surrounding marine waters are of international signi? cance. In the surface, the area is covered by the warm, saline Atlantic waters that ? ow past the Faroes into the Norwegian Sea. Only in the Northernmost part do one ?nd cold, less saline water masses.

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