Implications of Proposed CO2 Emissions Limitations

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (1997)

This technical report is aimed at providing information on the implications of Annex I country CO2 emissions for global CO2 emissions and the consequences of these emissions limitations for CO2 concentration. This report gives a summary of the results of this study looking at various factors namely: emissions, stabilization, concentration and temperature and sea level. A comprehensive description and quantification of emissions limitation proposals is made by the report. It also discusses global emissions under the emissions limitation proposals relative to the requirements of the CO2 concentration stabilization (Article 2 of the Framework Convention on Climate Change). It also presents a proposal on emissions limitations relative to stabilization requirements. The results of calculations for the consequences on the global mean temperature and sea level as a result of the proposed CO2 emissions limitations is also presented in this report.

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