State of the Environment Report - Cook Islands

Teariki Rongo - The Regional Ervionmental Technical Assistance (RETA) Proiect Consultant (1993)

This State of the EnWonment Report provides a description of the environment covering elements of the Cook lslands' physical and biological features, and demographic and economlc features, environmental issues prevailing: responses to those issues

and the effectiveness of those responses. The report also recommends some supporting measures to improve those responses. Ir is important to note that this report makes some strong statements on the environment, particularly in regard to the causes of environmental issues, without clariflcation by hard data. Examples of this are water pollution and contamination

degradation of the coastal zone through over-fishing. destructive fishing practices and mining. Where these statements are made, the need to collect data to provide some measurable comparisons for monitoring and enforcing environmental control measures is also stressed. The report highlights the need to strengthen national policies on the environment: law enforcement reforms

institutional arrangements including the roles of nongovemmental organisations, and the implementation ol specific programmes and projects aimed at the protection and conservation of the Cook lslands envlronment.

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