Millennium Development Goals Status Report 2013 Assessing Seychelles Progress toward the Millennium Development Goals

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Seychelles (2013)

The Republic of Seychelles is proud to present its third Millennium Development Goals Report. MDGs report indicates that Seychelles has achieved almost all the MDGs, especially those relating to education, health and social development. Notable indicators include the provision of ten years of education for free (100% in most years)

high literacy rate (94% for both sexes)

free basic health care (including universal coverage for essential medicines and anti-retroviral therapy)

universal access to safe drinking water, good sanitation and housing provision. The country also has a significantly low infant mortality and high life expectancy at birth (74.2 years for both sexes). Seychelles also has established an advanced social safety net to support the most vulnerable. This report also looks ahead to the Post 2015 agenda and how as a Small Island Developing States (SIDS) we can ensure the sustainability of development. We feel there is a need to have a convergence with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) process and propose 11 possible goals that are reflective of our concerns in the last chapter of the report.

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