Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin - Korean Government Policy to Support the Domestic Environmental Industry and Technology Export

Republic of Korea, Ministry of Environment (2013)

Small and medium-sized businesses play an important role in the environmental industry and technology development in Korea, occupying a 90% share of the entire industry. Of Korea’s environmental industries and technologies, sewage/waste water disposal and waste disposal technology as well as environmental equipment have gained a world-class status with significant price competitiveness. The Korean government has been implementing various environmental industry promotion policies to support early overseas market entry of Korean small and medium-sized firms and their efforts to attract project orders. To support environmental technology exports the government provides tailored support for Korean enterprises' overseas market entry by phase – from the collection of information on overseas markets to the establishment of a network for global environmental cooperation and winning overseas project contracts. As part of its efforts to build a network for global cooperation and identify overseas projects, the Korean government also operates the Eco-Trade Support Center for Environmental Business to establish an overseas environmental information network for initial overseas market entry: provides market entry consulting and country-specific legal advice: and supports the establishment of Environmental Improvement Master Plan, mainly for developing countries.