Atlas of Our Changing Environment: Zambia

United Nations Environment Programme (2013)

The Zambia Atlas of Our Changing Environment is one way of increasing awareness on environmental trends and is a call to all for improved management of our natural resources. The Atlas aims at providing scientifically-based and credible evidence of the changes occurring across Zambia, as well as their causes, and communicates the urgency of addressing them to policy- and decision-makers and the public. It has been produced through a broad participatory process involving many stakeholders. This Atlas demonstrates the government’s commitment to mainstreaming environment into planning so that economic and social development and the environment are fundamentally interdependent. In other words, the way we manage the economy and political and social institutions has critical impacts on the environment, while environmental quality and sustainability, in turn, are vital for the performance of the economy and social well-being. The government has and will continue to review the legal framework in the environment sector so as to ensure that they are in line and consistent with current macro-economic reforms. Environmental issues in Zambia are no longer the responsibility of government alone. The private sector and local communities also play an important role in environment and natural resources management.

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