Keeping track of adaptation actions in Africa: Targeted Fiscal Stimulus Actions Making a Difference

United Nations Environment Programme (2014)

With the African population expected to increase to 2 billion by 2050, and nearly 65% of African livelihoods directly linked to agriculture-dominated landscapes, it is critical to provide targeted solutions that stimulate action, build resilience and provide emerging opportunities. This publication reviews the current context and future implications of Climate Change impacts in Africa. It highlights the impact these changes have had and will have on the people of Africa. It then reviews solutions for responding to the challenges posed by climate change. Solutions include sustainable approaches to enhancing environmental/ecosystem resilience to Climate Change such as buffer strips, on-site water conservation, use of native species, change in cropping systems, landscape-scale management, protection of water resources, use of natural infrastructure and the incorporation of local knowledge into agro-ecological production systems. This publication provides a pictorial and easy-to-reference summary for policy-makers and the public alike.

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