UN-REDD National Programme Submission Form: Nigeria

Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria (2011)

The present proposal represents the primary means for Nigeria to access funding in order to embark on REDD+ readiness, doing so in line with negotiations under the UNFCCC, while integrating the federal, state and community levels for REDD+ in an innovative way. The country considers that the UN-REDD partnership, which was designed as a quick-start initiative to support countries to enhance capacities and stakeholder engagement for REDD+, is a suitable platform for their REDD+ readiness ambitions. The Federal Government of Nigeria and the Government of Cross River State are politically committed to develop and realise the REDD+ mechanism in the country, willing to work in synergy, combining their distinctive roles and capacities, employing participatory methods and advancing in close cooperation with the UN-REDD Programme.

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