Seychelles Country Strategy Paper

African Development Bank ; Asian Development Bank (2011)

The strategy paper assesses the country' development prospects and challenges, as well as the Government's strategic options. It also focuses on the role the Bank Group can play in providing strategic assistance to Seychelles, consistent with areas where the Bank has comparative advantage. It is hoped this will help the country achieve its medium-to-long term development goals. The preparation process for CSP involved detailed discussions and consultations with the Government and other major stakeholders, including Development Partners (DPs), private sector organizations and civil society institutions. The issues discussed included: (i) the country context and prospects; (ii) the indicative project pipeline and its consistency with the proposed pillars, as well as with Government priorities; (iii) other DP intervention areas during the period covered by the CSP; and (iv) formulation of the CSP Results Measurement Framework (RMF).


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