The Global BCH Capacity Building Project: Learning from Experience

United Nations Environment Programme / Global Environment Facility (2008-04)

The UNEP-GEF project for Capacity Building for Effective Participation in the Biosafety Clearing-House has been enabling countries to successfully meet their obligations as Parties to the Protocol by building capacity and helping to set-up national systems for BCH participation since 2004. Lessons from Experience: The Global UNEP-GEF BCH Capacity Building Project captures lessons from this project which has helped 123 countries effectively participate in the Biosafety Clearing House through a network of trained regional advisors and a peer reviewed modular training package. The document captures early lessons from the implementation of the BCH project (Phase I). One of these has been the value of establishing a Regional Advisors system, since this has led to better acceptance of advice from experts by Encouraging language and cultural compatibility, similar work ethics and work styles. Another lesson has been the importance of developing peer-reviewed training tools that can be combined in multiple ways, depending upon the workshop objective and participants, in order to create dynamic and targeted training possibilities.

Baseline report