Waste Management Outlook for West Asia 2019: Waste to Wealth

United Nations Environment Programme (2019)

This Regional Outlook builds upon the Global Waste Management Outlook published in 2015. Focusing on waste management systems, finance and governance, it articulates a means of future progress toward sustainable waste management to enable a transition from a region historically dependent on the low cost of dumping waste to one utilizing waste as a resource. To visualize this process, the Regional Outlook highlights the potential of the circular economy, in which waste serves as a resource and as a driver of regional economic growth through multi-stakeholder involvement, creating a range of funding and investment opportunities. This Regional Outlook sets out a comprehensive view of the current situation across the region, where pressures for sound waste management have increased as the population has grown from 99 million in 2000 to 155 million in 2016, with the proportion of urban residents increasing from 63% to 70%. Topics discussed include Status of the Region in Waste Management; Waste Governance; Technologies, Waste Systems and Operations, Business and Economic Opportunities in Waste; and Sustainable Development Goals.

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