Protected Planet Report 2016: How Protected Areas Contribute to Achieving Global Targets for Biodiversity

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre ; International Union for Conservation of Nature (2016)

The report underscores the importance of protected areas in sustaining the functions and values of natural ecosystems as well as the needs of human society. It highlights the nature-based solutions that protected areas make to critical environmental and societal challenges including climate change, food and water security, human health and well-being, and natural disasters. These functions will become ever more valuable as terrestrial, marine, coastal, and inland water ecosystems outside protected areas become compromised by over-exploitation, habitat loss and degradation. The 2016 Protected Planet Report is a call to build a better understanding of the value of investing in protected areas managed under a broad range of governance arrangements. This will require a concerted and coordinated engagement by all sectors, including expert organizations, civil society, Indigenous Peoples and local communities, governments, and business. Such a commitment is a fundamental component of success in the search to make protected and other conserved areas core elements of sustainable landscapes.

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