Eco—i Manual: Eco-innovation Implementation Process

United Nations Environment Programme (2017)

Aim of the manual: To introduce a methodology for the implementation of eco-innovation within small and medium sized companies in developing and emerging economies. The intended audience of this manual is organizations that provide professional consulting services (referred to in this manual as the ‘Service Provider’) to inform, guide and support manufacturing companies to improve their sustainability performance as a strategy for developing new business models. Objectives: 1. To introduce to the concept of eco-innovation. 2. To present a methodology for eco-innovation implementation that is relevant for Service Providers working with small and medium sized companies in developing and transitional economies. 3. To clearly describe the role that a Service Provider can play in supporting companies during the implementation of ecoinnovation. 4. To provide a range of eco-innovation tools and resources that the Service Provider can draw upon to assist their activities.

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