Green breakthroughs: solving environmental problems through innovative policies and law

United Nations Environment Programme (2008)

This booklet is called Green Breakthroughs because it describes policies and laws that have been used effectively to solve environmental problems. Success stories are drawn from 45 individual countries, as well as from regional groupings such as those in Africa, the Caribbean and Europe, while others involve countries that share major rivers and lakes, or that are joined in common global endeavours. The successes relate to major environmental themes, the issues and challenges of each being explained. They include energy and climate change, the management of various kinds of wastes, the preservation and restoration of ecosystems, and the sustainable use of biodiversity and fisheries. The approach is always to show how policies and laws, whether singly or in mixtures, can reduce damage, increase efficiency and sustainability, and ensure that environmental, social and financial benefits reward those who use the world wisely and well.

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