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Global Assessment of the Vulnerability of Water Resources to Environmental Change

dc.contributor.authorUnited Nations Environment Programme
dc.descriptionThis a framework used to assess the vulnerability of surface and groundwater to human land uses, within an integrated river basin management approach. In Africa, the project has provided significant baseline information on vulnerable aquifers fed by the River Nile in North Africa, serious freshwater shortages in West Africa, the variable rain-fed aquifers of Eastern Africa, and the uneven distribution of freshwater in Southern Africa. More detailed assessments on the rivers, lakes and aquifer basins are being carried out in Africa, including Central Africa and the Indian ocean Islands. Assessments have begun in Asia. Latin America and the Caribbean will follow soon. This approach will also include the Integrated Water Resource management. There is a specific focus on groundwater vulnerability.
dc.publisherUnited Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
dc.subjectwater analysis
dc.subjectwater conservation
dc.subjectwater consumption
dc.subjectwater demand
dc.subjectwater management
dc.subjectwater monitoring
dc.subjectwater protection
dc.subjectwater quality
dc.subjectwater resource
dc.subjectwater resources management
dc.subjectwater utilisation;environmental assessment
dc.subjectfreshwater conservation
dc.subjectfreshwater degradation
dc.subjectfreshwater ecosystem
dc.subjectfreshwater monitoring
dc.subjectfresh water pollution
dc.subjectfreshwater resource
dc.subjectenvironmental conservation
dc.subjectenvironmental impact
dc.subjectenvironmental impact assessment
dc.subjectenvironmental protection
dc.subjectenvironmental change
dc.subjectriver basin development
dc.subjectriver management
dc.subjectnatural resource
dc.subjectresource conservation
dc.subjectresources management
dc.subject.classificationEcosystem Management
dc.subject.classificationResource Efficency
dc.titleGlobal Assessment of the Vulnerability of Water Resources to Environmental Change
dc.typeReports and Books
wd.identifier.sdgSDG 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation
wd.identifier.sdgSDG 13 - Climate Action

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