Report of the? technology and economic assessment panel: HCFC task force report

United Nations Environment Programme (2003)

In Decision XI/28, the 11th Meeting of the Parties requested the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to study and report by 30 April 2003 at the latest on the problems and options of Article 5(1) Parties in obtaining HCFCs in the light of the freeze on the production of HCFCs in non-Article 5(1) Parties in the year 2004. This report should analyse whether HCFCs are available to Article 5(1) Parties in sufficient quantity and quality and at affordable prices, taking into account the 15 per cent allowance to meet the basic domestic needs of the Article 5(1) Parties and the surplus quantities available from the consumption limit allowed to the non-Article 5(1) Parties. Parties would consider this report at their 15th Meeting in the year 2003.

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