Global International Waters Assessment: Guinea Current, GIWA Regional Assessment 42

University of Kalmar on behalf of United Nations Environment Programme (2003)

This report presents the assessment of the Guinea Current region a vast region that includes the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem as well as 28 international river basins shared by 27 countries. The region is characterised by large variations in hydrological conditions

from the Sahel deserts and drylands in the north to the tropical jungles of Congo in the south. This feature is reflected in the environmental problems of the region: Freshwater shortage was identified as the most stressing concern in the Volta and Niger basins while Pollution is a general concern in the humid basins and in the coastal and marine waters. Causal chain analysis and Policy option analysis was conducted for the identified priority concerns in the Volta, Niger and Comoe river basins and in the Guinea Current LME.

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