Guidance manual on valuation and accounting of ecosystem services for Small Island Developing States

United Nations Environment Programme (2014)

Valuation and accounting of island ecosystem services is fundamental to our ability to achieve sustainable green growth in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), also known as large ocean states. SIDS are characterized inter alia by (a) a well-defined set of in situ socio-economic-cultural and governance conditions

(b) a population’s clear perception and use of island ecosystem services

(c) high richness in natural capital

and (d) the delicate nature of the many ecosystems that support livelihoods and local economies. This publication provides a methodological approach to “read” these conditions, and their respective implications, in terms of the selection, design and implementation of island ecosystem services valuation and accounting exercises. The process of ecosystem service valuation and accounting specifically for SIDS is fundamental to correct and tailor the use of the various techniques in this context.

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