Progress on Ambient Water Quality: Piloting the Monitoring Methodology and Initial Findings for SDG indicator 6.3.2

United Nations Environment Programme (2018)

This report highlights the importance of good ambient water quality and the interlinkages between indicator 6.3.2 and other SDG 6 indicators, as well as the importance of target 6.3 in achieving many of the other SDGs. The report summarizes the progress made to date on indicator 6.3.2, focusing on the 2017 global data drive, and reflects on the process and the lessons learned from feedback and engagement. It also presents an analysis of the submissions received, focusing on the global disparities in water-quality monitoring capacity and the various reporting challenges that Member States face, and suggests how this information can be used to shape the development of the methodology. And lastly, it highlights the level of support that certain countries need to report the indicator. 1.3. Target 6.3

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